If you are a veteran in need of assistance, please contact your county’s Veterans Services Officer to determine the benefits that you may be entitled. Veterans Service Officers provide free benefit claims counseling and information as well as referral assistance to veterans, their dependents and survivors.

We also recommend contacting the United Way in your county, as they are often best able to guide you to immediate sources of help while waiting for Veterans Affairs assistance. Be aware that not all county United Way organizations offer the same programs.

For your convenience, we have compiled the Veterans Assistance Guide with a list of all known resources at this time.

After you have contacted your county Veterans Services Officer and United Way, you may apply for help from the Military Foundation by following the guidelines below:

The Military Foundation Incorporated (MFI) provides financial assistance to Veterans in order to help pay bills during a Veteran’s time of need. MFI does not lend cash to Veterans or present cash directly to Veterans. Requests for financial assistance from MFI are only accepted on this form when submitted by a Veteran, a Veteran’s Service Organization or other service organization. MFI asks that Veteran’s Service Organization (VSO) requests presented to MFI for assistance indicate funds previously disbursed to the Veteran by the VSO. The completed MFI request form may be mailed to Military Foundation, P.O. Box 644, Kokomo, Indiana 46903, presented in person to the MFI President or Secretary, or transmitted electronically from this website by activating the “Submit” button at the bottom of the web form. If the request for financial assistance is approved, MFI requests the veteran meet with the MFI treasurer for payment. The Treasurer requests the Veteran bring the unpaid or partially paid bill from the vendor who is to receive the funds. The Treasure will then write a check and mail the funds directly to the vendor.